Shana Hill, MMT, CAMTC, ABMP

Shana Hill, is a Medical Massage Therapist with nearly five years of experience in treating elite athletes, accident and injury patients in recovery, chronic headache sufferers, soldiers and first responders, entertainment industry professionals, and the corporate epidemic of computer related neck and shoulder tension. A graduate of The Southern California Health Institute (SOCHI), and in her fourth year on staff at Prime Performance, a Wellness Center in DTLA.  Shana created Valkyrie Medical Massage because she is passionate about wellness and about helping each client reach their optimal range of motion, level of fitness or mobility and sense of peaceful well being. She firmly believes that the body, as mad at it as we might be, is our greatest treasure, and its language of pain, fatigue and emotional stress can be deeply rewarding to learn, decipher and respond to. Through her continuing career as a professional opera singer, a freelance writer working on deadline and even now as an adult beginner ballerina she has become a strong advocate for finding a way to do what you love, no matter how wild and crazy that dream is, and do it in the smartest possible way. Shana is proud to be a therapist on call for the Mindful Warrior Project serving Veterans and their families in Southern California, and is CAMT certified and ABMP Insured. She is available to private clientele and works on call in luxury hotels and spas, and on sets throughout Los Angeles.