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Sunday April 2, 6:30-9:00pm 

Pilates&Arts Echo Park

Power&Grace: Self care solutions for the Whole Athlete

Too often self care practices and curative exercise are considered a luxury, an occasional treat or a last resort. Self care is a rhythm of simple practices that can be a joy to discover and can be tailored to your daily existence no matter how hectic or vigorous it is. Your body wants to be your very best friend and dance partner and is capable of more than you know. Feeling the joyful confluence of power and grace is one of the greatest treasures our human bodies have to offer.

Shana Hill, ABMP and CAMT certified Medical Massage Therapist, and Celia Tran, Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Yoga Instructor and Functional Trainer are here to give you some simple solutions to every day wellness, a menu of techniques to relieve stress and enhance recovery, and their ten years combined experience of ways to increase your flexibility and strengthen areas that are often forgotten in most conventional fitness.

Your body is a living and evolving masterpiece and you are the artist in charge! Let's love and celebrate this journey together and make 2017 the year of Power and Grace.

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Because your body should be your best friend!